EloView® Release

Device Version

  • 3.48.xx for Cloud, I-Series 2.0, PayPoint® Plus, PayPoint®, Elo Backpack® 2.0
  • 4.46.xx for I-Series 3.0, Elo Backpack® 3.0

On July 7nd, 2020, the EloView team will release a major update that offers you more choice on how you control devices and how you manage your subscriptions. Additionally, we are making a number of major feature updates, user-experience improvements and security updates as well. There will be an approximate six-hour downtime associated with this update. See “Method of Distribution” for more information. Enhancements and fixes included in this release are:

New – EloView Modularity
Now you have access to more “flexibility of choice” with three EloView mode options.

  • Control – For customers who want all access to the full feature set of EloView, including kiosk mode.
  • Connect – For customers who want device and multi-app management with a traditional Android user experience on the device.
  • Core – For customers who only want OS updates (from device only), and do not require remote access.

NOTE: If you’re a customer with a current subscription, no changes will apply to your account or settings. You will have the option to move devices to “Connect” or “Core” mode if you choose to. Please consult with EloView support before making any changes. Learn more - EloView Pricing.

New – Online Subscription
You can now pay via credit card in the EloView portal. If you’re a current Enterprise Billing customer no changes will apply to your account. Please consult your Elo Customer Service representative to see if this is an option you would like to explore.

New – TeamViewer Integration
By integrating TeamViewer with EloView, you can now remotely control and manage devices in the field seamlessly. By leveraging the integration, support personnel can now remotely make changes during a live session at device level to troubleshoot issues, all without requiring the approval by an on-site attendant. This feature is available in Control mode only. Please contact EloView Support to have the feature enabled.

New – Workflow Approval for Batch Deployments
A new permission level for batch operations has been added to help you minimize errors and increase overall security. When “Batch Approval” is enabled, content deployment will require approval from another user. Account administrators and admin users will have the ability to set batch sizes and approve/deny content deployments.

New - Install/Uninstall APKs to Devices
For those who have multi-app/attended user installations, this feature will allow you to add/remove APKs to devices without launching them. This feature is especially useful in CONNECT mode, allowing you to push down applications to devices deployed in Android Home mode.

Enhanced – Access Restricted Password (ARP)
You can now Grant/Restrict ARP users to “Network” or “Settings” area of the password-protected device control panel. This allows for more granular control over who can access reboot or reset functions from the Control Panel of the device.

Enhanced – Organizational Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Account Administrators now have access to organization level MFA settings. When enabled, all users under the organization will be required to setup MFA to gain access.

New – Reset Exception
You can now create reset exceptions to preserve specific APK’s after an Enterprise Reset. When enabled this feature retains saved or cached application data (using login credentials), even after performing an enterprise reset.

Added – Schedule Content Based on UTC
To simplify content scheduling, you can now base your deployments on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or device local time.

Enhanced - Device Log retrieval
Previously, device log retrieval on EloView was limited to 24-72 hours. Now you can specify device log cache size from EloView of up-to 2GB (or approximately 7 days) as the desired log size before purging occurs.

New - Customize Column View from Device List
Customize column view now allows you to sort, add or remove columns in the device list view as well as export the customized view in a CSV file.

Enhanced – Apps Hide/Show Status
With App Status, you can now hide/show all Elo pre-installed apps that come with the device including YouTube, Chrome and Play Store. These apps are accessible device-side via the Device Control Panel in the apps area.

Other Enhancements or Fixes:

  • Added support for Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) for I-Series 2.0 devices
  • Added 'Saved Filters' to Scheduled Contents 'Publish' screen
  • Added filtering capabilities in Device Activity Log
  • Added expand and collapse option for smart filters
  • Added the ability to search by email id in manage users page
  • Added an API to poll connected USB device details
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, the Virtual Keyboard option does not work properly when the target device is Android 8.1 (GMS)
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, USB devices become unresponsive
  • Other Bugs fixes have been addressed related to intermittent content launch failure when using Groups, Access to Control Panel through Nav Bar, removed USB pop-up in dialog for I-Series 3.0 (GMS)

Security Updates
Android vulnerability patches and various security updates to I-Series 2.0 & I-Series 3.0 devices (Up-to March 2020).

Other changes
We will be changing the duration of our Evaluation (trial) period from 90 days to 45 days. We are granting a 45-day grace period for all existing Evaluation accounts. Email reminders and visual indicators on the EloView portal will also be available.

Method of Distribution
This update will be available to apply via Advanced OTA on July 7, 2020 and will become the default to update from the device control panel on July 15, 2020. There will be a six-hour downtime associated with this update. All EloView services will not be available from 5:00PM to 11:00PM (PST) on Tuesday July 7, 2020.  As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.