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  • Cash ‘n Carry POS for fast paced retail environments
  • SellWise Pro for complex retailers needing to maintain customer histories, accounts receivable, and more
  • Additional services like: EMV capable credit card processing, off-site backup solutions, QuickBooks accounting link, remote installation and training, and ongoing technical support


Founded in 1978, CAP Software specializes in fast, flexible, and user friendly retail management systems for a wide variety of retailers. Based in Fort Worth, TX, CAP performs all software development and technical support in-house, ensuring the highest level of quality and service to its customers both small and large.

CAP produces complete retail management software, including POS, inventory control, CRM, employee management, tag and label design, credit card processing with EMV support, and other mission critical retail features. These applications are designed with over 30 years of experience taking customer input to include the features and functionality that real retailers need to save them time and money running their businesses. CAP’s products are a great fit for retail verticals such as: gift, liquor, boutiques, apparel, sporting goods, convenience stores, smoke/vapor shops, hardware and supply, lawn and garden, and more.

Applicable Products:
  • I-series touchscreen computers
  • X-Series all-in-one touchscreen computers
  • E-Series all-in-one touchscreen computers
  • PayPoint (In testing)
  • Touchscreen monitors