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  • Meeting Room Display — software for conference room displays with direct integration to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Google Apps and Kerio Connect.
  • Smart Room Analytics — Get detailed usage statistics for each of your conference rooms with the built-in room analytics.
  • Wayfinder Display — show easy-to-read scheduling information and directions for all meeting rooms on large screens in reception areas, lobbies and other office areas.


GoGet is one of the leading suppliers of software for conference room displays. Our products are used by thousands of satisfied clients for efficient meeting room management via convenient touch-enabled displays.

With seamless integration to Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Google there is no need for any separate scheduling software. In addition to this no local server software is needed which significantly reduces the workload for IT departments.

GoGet software in combination with ELO touchscreens will enable your company to eliminate booking hassles, optimize utilization of existing facilities using smart room analytics and increase employee satisfaction.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series touchscreen computers
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage