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  • Kitchen Display System
  • Guest Management Solution
  • Off-Premise Management Platform
  • Table Management Solution
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  • Restaurant/Hospitality Industry

QSR Automations, Inc

ConnectSmart Kitchen helps accomplish your goals as a flexible solution for your kitchen. Our kitchen display system adapts quickly and easily to any restaurant environment and provides support for busy kitchens with kitchen video, programmable prep times, and access to real-time production information. ConnectSmart Kitchen provides powerful data tools and customized options, which makes it a worldwide leader in kitchen display systems.

DineTime is our front of house solution for restaurants. It improves the dining experience by allowing you more insight, more control, and more opportunities to create a great relationship with each and every customer, both in-store and off-premise. This solution provides a central location to manage your off-premise orders, tables, waitlists, and reservations; along with detailed analytics that will make your job easier and your business more efficient.

Applicable Products:
  • Elo AiOs