Warranty Information

The following limited warranties information is provided on Elo Touch Solutions products. The warranty period begins on the date when the Elo product is first shipped to the Elo Touch Solutions customer. For information on returns, see Customer Service for your region.

(when sold as components)
(except COACh) 5 years
Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) All IDS displays, IDS Computer Modules and I-Series Windows 3 years
I-Series All-in-One Android 2 years
Tablets Elo Tablet (ETT10A1)

Elo Tablet Battery

18 months

12 months

Touchscreen computers X-Series, E-Series, PayPoint, B-Series, C-Series, and D-Series 3 years
Touchscreen monitors LCD 3 years
(when sold as components)
AccuTouch® 5 years
AccuTouch - Zero Bezel 3 years
IntelliTouch® 5 years
IntelliTouch - Zero Bezel 3 years
2 years
Peripherals and Options

Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR)
Rear-Facing Customer Displays (RFCD)
Biometric Fingerprint Readers (FPR)
Barcode Scanners
PCI-Expansion Card Kits (for All-in-One Touchcomputers)

1 year

Elo also offers an Extended Warranty option.